So we have saved this announcement for a Christmas, just because it is so great and wonderful. No actually I lost my memory card with all the photos, but now I found it and can share this wonderful news and pictures with you!

The third of December 2015 the inaguracion of Villa Nueva Esperanza took place! This means that all the 30 families now are settled and they are living in the community Villa Esperanza in Jiquilillo. The day was filled with fun activities for the children like a bouncing castle and piñatas! The mayor of El Viejo held a great speech so did Gerry Caceres and the American Nicaraguan foundation.

It is a great project that have and is going to change the lives of many persons, but it has not come to an end. This is just the start, new projects are in the making in order to improve the living of the people of Jiquillio. We would like to give out the biggest thank yous´ to everyone who have made this project possible.

GIVE – Without them they would still be cleaning the terrain!

Color My World

American Nicaraguan Foundation

Rotary Club Of Port Elgin Ontario

Montys Surf Camp

Instituto Nicaraguense de la vivienda Urbana y Rural (INVUR)

Alcaldia Municipal de El Viejo

Humber College

But most of all thanks to all of the families who have worked so hard to build all the beautiful houses, you are all so worth it and you are amazing!