Everyday 6 wonderful individuals from Humber took part in teaching English to the children of Jiquilillo and the surrounding areas. Cimoan Atkins one of those people wants to share her experiences with you.

I have been struggling with how to begin. Partly because I do not know where to start but mostly because writing this blog post solidifies the ending of one of the, if not the most amazing experience I have ever had. For that I am truly grateful because I am so blessed. To be in the presence of such amazingly warm and generous people, I am still beaming with love and gratitude.

I get so emotional talking about my experience teaching English. The students I had the pleasure of teaching and learning from are some of the most intelligent human beings I have ever come across. Tatiana, Thomas, Norvin, Guildrenth, Kabiria, and Guilberth words cannot express how grateful I am to be given the opportunity to learn from you. So eager and open to learn and take on the task of learning a language at such a young age is commendable and inspiring. I am so proud and in tears of how much I miss being surrounded by such beautiful people. I must admit, the first day “teaching” I was so scared because I absolutely had no idea what I was doing. But because I felt welcomed and that we all were all open to take on the challenge, me assisting in teaching and you all learning, we bonded right away. From our hour lessons at the beginning of class to the games we played until the sun and humidity took over, I was in the presence of brilliance. I will never forget the time we shared and will cherish the experience forever. I will hold each and every one of you close to my heart and look forward to the day we see each other again.