English Language Centre for Jiquilillo and Surrounding Villages

Provides comprehensive English language instruction to students ages 5 and older through a combination of teacher-led lessons, youth-led projects, and conversational opportunities with English-speaking volunteers. Through high-quality English language training, this program assists students in attaining proficiency in English and broadening their cultural awareness for success in their academic, professional, and personal pursuits.


Medical Clinic and Outreach for Jiquilillo and Surrounding Villages

Provides medical support, maternal care, vaccinations and education to reduce infant, child and maternal mortality rates. Staffed by Nicaraguan nurses, the clinic serves approximately 40 people a day. Health issues can dramatically impact families’ daily living activities to support themselves. Better health support leads to better opportunities to alleviate the impacts of poverty.


Soup kitchen in El Limonal for the Community Living at the Dump in Chinandega

Provides nutritious meals for up to 300 children in partnership with international organizations and supported by volunteers in service, delivery and funding. Frequency of the meals are dependent on funding.


Clean Drinking Water

Provides individual water filtration systems as a short-term solution to address the issue of drinking water quality in the communities. Long-term solutions will require leveraging partnerships with other clean drinking water programs and seeking funding for community-wide water system development initiatives beyond individual systems.

Women's Faith & Hope Cooperative Home Building Project

Nicaragua has one of the highest housing deficits in Central America. We are raising funding to support the relocation and safe and adequate housing for 10 low-income families in Jiquilillo, supporting vulnerable women and their children from the Women's Faith and Hope Cooperative. Lack of adequate housing causes families to live with constant burden of uncertainty, stress and fear. Safe and decent shelter provides an opportunity for families to break generational cycles of poverty and build better, healthier, and more stable lives.


Education Awareness and Wildlife Conservation – Turtle Hatchery 

This project provides education and protection of endangered sea turtles and other sea life. Operating in partnership with the community of Punta Venecia, we work with local families to support the turtle hatchery, protecting the turtle eggs and providing families with earning potential to lift themselves out of poverty. Charitable dollars received for this cause is currently non-receiptable.