Gerry Caceres,
Director of Operations, Nicaragua


Gerry Caceres was born and raised in Chinandega, Nicaragua. He is the President of the Environmental Protection Committee for Northern Nicaragua, a National Board of Fire Chiefs member, and a past advisor to the President of Nicaragua. Gerry studied business in the United States and has been a successful entrepreneur in the automotive, finance and hospitality industries. He is the “man on the ground” for Together Works Society, developing and coordinating a multitude of humanitarian and environmental projects in the community of Jiquilillo and surrounding villages. He lives in Jiquilillo and fully understands the pressing needs and challenges that local families face, as well as the opportunities for growth. Many of these families hold Gerry dear to their hearts, crediting him as the architect of positive, life-changing experiences. This respected community leader has the knowledge, experience and passion to manage, develop and implement promising activities in Nicaragua that support Together Work Society’s purpose and mission. He is excited and honoured to work with Together Works Society, recognizing the vast potential in serving the people of Nicaragua. 

Allan Quiroz, Supervisor, Social & Community Projects, Nicaragua

Originally from the City of Leon, Allan Quiroz studied Social Work at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN – Leon) and later returned to the UNAN, to teach at the university’s department of Social Work in 2013 and 2014. In 2015, he joined the Ministry of Family Services in Chinandega and currently serves as Together Works Society’s Supervisor of Social Projects in the community of Jiquilillo. He is currently involved in health care, education and nutrition projects that support families of this community, improve their quality of life and contribute to the overall sustainable development of this area. He believes that by helping local families, an entire community can be transformed.